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1 a charge based on weight measured in pounds
2 a fee charged for the recovery of impounded animals
3 weight expressed in pounds
4 placing private property in the custody of an officer of the law [syn: impoundment, impounding, internment]

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  1. a charge based on the weight of something in pounds
  2. a charge based on the value of something in pounds sterling
  3. a weight measured in pounds
  4. a fee charged for keeping an animal in a pound, or for its release
  5. the keeping of an animal in a pound

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In English law, poundage is an archaic form of customs duty imposed on imports and exports. Poundage was applied at a rate of 12 old pence in the pound (equivalent to five pence in the pound today). Poundage was introduced in 1302 and abolished in 1787.

Poundage on postal orders

The poundage is also the charge imposed on the sale of a postal order. In some countries, the poundage was called the commission or the fee.

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